method: CNNs-IFLYTEK2020-04-30


Affiliation: IFLYTEK&USTC

Description: We use an ensemble of CNN models. These models are trained with different model archs (resnext, densenet), different data aug methods (cutout, mixup, rotate, random cut), different input scales and different data distributions. To generate different data distributions, we trained a gan-based generative model to create new samples and use it to adjust word distribution of training sets. We do not use any external real data.
name organization
Hao Wu(吴浩) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Chenyu Liu(刘辰宇) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Xiangxiang Wang(王翔翔) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Yixing Zhu(朱意星) USTC(中国科技大学)
Zhengyan Yang(杨争艳) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Changjie Wu(吴昌杰) USTC(中国科技大学)
Mobai Xue(薛莫白) USTC(中国科技大学)
Jiajia Wu(吴嘉嘉) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Bing Yin(殷兵) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Cong Liu(刘聪) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Jinshui Hu(胡金水) iFLYTEK(科大讯飞)
Jun Du(杜俊) USTC(中国科技大学)
Jianshu Zhang(张建树) USTC(中国科技大学)
Lirong Dai(戴礼荣) USTC(中国科技大学)