method: NetEase OCR2020-12-11

Authors: John

Affiliation: NetEase

Description: Our method breaks the task down into two stages´╝îtext area detect and text segmentation´╝îlike maskrcnn. The difference is the first stage in our model just detect the text area not the text lines, the second stage is like dbnet, segment the text area into lines. We merge the two stage into one model and use data augmentation and mutli-scale train and test.

method: BOE_AIoT_CTO2020-08-10

Authors: Guangwei Huang, Yue Li, Xiaojun Tang

Description: Our model trained PANNet and multi oriented corner text detectors, and ensemble multi-scale images detection results. Besides, we pre-process the training and testing images to make them clear. Multi-scale training, training data augment are used.

method: H&H Lab2019-04-22

Authors: HUST_VLRGROUP(Mengde Xu, Zhen Zhu,Hui Zhang, Mingkun Yang, Jiehua Yang) & HUAWEI_CLOUD_EI(Jing Wang, Yibin Ye, Shenggao Zhu, Dandan Tu)

Description: we ensemble EAST and multi oriented corner to create a robust scene text detector. To make network learning easier, we modified the mutli-oriented corner network with a new branch borrowed from east added.

Ranking Table

Description Paper Source Code
2020-12-11NetEase OCR98.37%99.59%98.98%
2019-04-22H&H Lab97.93%97.95%97.94%
2022-05-09A modified CTPN model 2.097.52%97.40%97.46%
2021-10-22A modified CTPN model 1.097.16%97.10%97.13%
2020-09-27only PAN96.51%96.80%96.66%
2019-04-22GREAT-OCR Shanghai University96.62%96.21%96.42%
2019-04-22A Single-Shot Model for Robust Text Localization93.93%94.80%94.37%
2019-04-19BiLSTM Based on CTPN91.40%94.03%92.69%
2020-06-25EAST modified90.94%92.63%91.78%
2019-04-17Textline detection89.85%92.72%91.26%
2019-04-20A Text Localization Method Based on CTPN85.23%88.73%86.94%
2019-04-17Improved yolov3 model68.52%78.23%73.06%
2021-05-10Original CRAFT for SROIE62.73%59.94%61.31%
2019-04-17scene text detection weapon49.61%64.75%56.18%
2021-04-13Practicing project for Scientific Research Subject (HCMUS master program)37.02%30.07%33.19%

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