method: BreSee OCR2021-07-01

Authors: Mengyue Shao, Jie Wu, Jiling Wu, Tianpeng Li, Linzhi Zhuang

Affiliation: BreSee AI Lab, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Description: In this task1, we follow YOLOv5 and DBNet as the base model to do detection task. And some targeted optimization of models have been carried out according to the data set provided, and better results have been achieved. The two basic models are fused to reach the final result.

method: Samsung Life Insurance2020-10-16

Authors: Dongyoung Kim, Myungsung Kwak

Affiliation: Data Analytics Laboratory (DA Lab), Samsung Life Insurance

Description: A document Text Localization Generative Adversarial Nets (TLGAN) model is utilized to perform the text localization task using SROIE data set. TLGAN learns text-image features via ImageNet pre-trained VGG network in adversarial manner and points out text locations. Note the images were scaled in an arbitrary ratio and the detected coordinates were re-scaled into original image space for the submission.

method: Sunshine_OCR2021-03-10

Authors: Sunshine AI Team

Affiliation: Sunshine Insurance Group

Description: We use rot-faster-rcnn/rot-mask-rcnn algorithm which adds rotated rectangle support based on faster-rcnn/mask-rcnn. Firstly ResNet50 backbone + rot-faster-rcnn is used to get a 98.5%+ baseline, then HRNet backone + rot-mask-rcnn +IOU loss + multiscale training&testing is used to get the final score. The data is preprocessed for scale alignment and only augmented by small rotations.
Note: No error fixing/excluding is done on the submit.

Ranking Table

Description Paper Source Code
2021-07-01BreSee OCR99.15%99.40%99.28%
2020-10-16Samsung Life Insurance98.64%99.83%99.23%
2019-04-22H&H Lab97.93%97.95%97.94%
2022-05-09A modified CTPN model 2.097.52%97.40%97.46%
2021-10-22A modified CTPN model 1.097.16%97.10%97.13%
2020-09-27only PAN96.51%96.80%96.66%
2019-04-22GREAT-OCR Shanghai University96.62%96.21%96.42%
2019-04-22A Single-Shot Model for Robust Text Localization93.93%94.80%94.37%
2019-04-19BiLSTM Based on CTPN91.40%94.03%92.69%
2019-04-17Textline detection89.85%92.72%91.26%
2019-04-20A Text Localization Method Based on CTPN85.23%88.73%86.94%
2021-05-10Original CRAFT for SROIE62.73%59.94%61.31%
2019-04-17scene text detection weapon49.61%64.75%56.18%
2021-04-13Practicing project for Scientific Research Subject (HCMUS master program)37.02%30.07%33.19%

Ranking Graphic