News - ICDAR2019 Robust Reading Challenge on Arbitrary-Shaped Text


Updated Challenge 1 and 2 per-image vocabularies

It came to our attention that a few words that were correctly present in the localisation ground truth of the images, were not reflected in the per-image vocabularies of Challenge 1 and Challenge 2. This affects Task 4 of said tasks. The per image vocabularies have been updated to correct this error. Please download the up to date files from the respective download pages or the links below.

Challenge 1

Per image vocabularies - Training Set

Per image vocabularies - Test Set

Challenge 2

Per image vocabularies - Training Set

Per image vocabularies - Test Set

Important Dates

1st January to 1st March

i) Q&A period for the competition,

ii) The launching of initial website

15th Feb to 1st March

i) Competition formal announcement,

ii) Publicity,

iii) Sample training images available,

iv) Evaluation protocol, file formats etc. available.

25th February

i) Evaluation tools ready,

ii) Full website ready.

1st March

i) Competition kicks off officially,

ii) Release of training set images and ground truth.

9th April

Release of the first part of test set images (2271 images),

20th April

i) Release of the second part of test set images (2292 images).

ii) Website opens for results submission

30th April

i) Deadline of the competition and result submission closes(at PDT 23: 59)

ii) Release of the evaluation results.

5th May

i) Submission deadline for 1 page competition report, and the final ranking will be released after results checking.

20th to 25th September

i) Announcement of competition results at ICDAR2019.