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Important Dates

ICDAR 2021 edition

6 September 2021: Presentation at the Document VQA workshop at ICDAR 2021

30 April 2021: Results available online

10 April 2021: Deadline for Competition submissions

11 February 2021: Test set available

23 December 2020: Release of full training data for Infographics VQA.

10 November 2020: Release of training data subset for new task "Infographics VQA"


CVPR 2020 edition

16-18 June 2020: CVPR workshop

15 May 2020 (23:59 PST): Submission of results

20 April 2020: Test set available

19 March 2020 : Text Transcriptions for Train_v0.1 Documents available

16 March 2020: Training set v0.1 available