method: Infrrd-RADAR2021-04-01

Authors: JiangLong He, Aditya Kumar Sarda, Deepak Kumar, Cesar Duran


Description: The Infrrd-RADAR (Retrieval of Answers by Document Analysis and Re-ranking) performs OCR on the set of images present in the dataset. The OCR data is utilized with the image to extract the information such as pdc filed date, candidate name, office, party and other key information from each forms. The extracted information is stored in a csv format file. Totally 28 fields are extracted from the forms. The natural language questions are parsed using spaCy. The chunks are categorized into subject, object, and dependency object. The entities are categorized into person, geo-political entity, organization. Using the categorized information, each question is converted into a set of SQL queries. The SQL queries are used with fuzzy-search algorithm to retrieve set of relevant documents. BERT-Large based model is then used to rerank the set of relevant documents. The reranked document ids are used to filter the extracted information. Based on the parsed questions, a particular field is collected and posted as an answer.