News - Hierarchical Text: Challenge on Unified OCR and Layout Analysis


MLT-2019 Test Set Available

Test set: 
The test set download links are now available on our website (

Evaluation: Please note the evaluation protocols and metrics for the first 3 tasks are the same as the ones used in MLT-2017, you could check the website and the competition paper of MLT2017 for more details.
Information about the evaluation protocol for the 4th task will be available on our website very soon.

Deadlines for results submission:

We updated the dates for the results submission because the ICADR competition chairs have announced earlier deadlines for submitting the competition reports, but we will keep the date for submitting the final results, so, do not worry.

The process of results submission:
27th May 2019: deadline for the submitting the 1) participants information (names/teams and affiliations), 2) methods descriptions for the task(s) in which you are participating and 3) initial results* (see below)

3rd June 2019: submission of the final results (you are able to update the results which you submit to us till 3rd June, for example if you tune more etc.). It is preferable if you submit earlier, and in this case, please notify us which one is your final submission.

* initial results: same format and completeness of the final results, but only the final results will appear in the MLT-2019 challenge results, and the initial results may be removed after 3rd June.

You will receive a confirmation from us that your results are received and are in valid formats (only for your initial and last submissions).

Please make sure to check our website for information and updates regarding the challenge during the test period.
The MLT-2019 challenge team wishes you good luck and a happy participation !

Important Dates

All dates are final.

- 2023 Jan 2nd: Start of the competition, and submissions of results will be made available.

- 2023 Apr 1st 23:59 PST: Deadline for submissions to the ICDAR 2023 Competition 

- 2023 Apr 15th: Release of competition results.