News - Video Text Reading Competition for Dense and Small Text


Competition Results Announced

Competition results have been released. From the ICDAR'24 report:

"The winners of the MapText competition are MapTest, MapText Strong Pipeline, and DINO MAP. MapTest and MapText Strong Pipeline participated in all tasks on both data sets and had the best overall performance among all performers. DINO MAP participated in task 1 and ranked place 1 and 2 for the French Land Registers and Rumsey data set, respectively. Also, we highlight DS-LP for its strong second-place rankings for task 2, task 3, and task 4 on the French Land Registers data set."

Congratulations to the participants.

The benchmark remains open indefinitely for new and ongoing submissions.

Challenge News

Important Dates

20st December to 30st December, 2022

i) Q&A period for the competition,

ii) The launching of the initial website

2st February 2023

i) Sample training videos available,

ii) Evaluation protocol, file formats etc. available.

15st February 2023

i) Competition kicks off officially,

ii) Release of training set videos and ground truth (50 videos).

15th March 2023:

i) Test set is available (50 videos)

ii) Website opens for results submission.

20th March 2023

I) Deadline of the competition and result submission closes(at PDT 23: 59)

31th March 2023

Submission deadline for 1 page competition report, and the final ranking will be released after results checking.

21th to 26th August , 2023

Announcement of competition results at ICDAR2023.