Contact - ICDAR 2024 Competition on Handwriting Recognition of Historical Ciphers


  • Alicia Fornés. Computer Vision Center (Spain), 
  • Jialuo Chen. Computer Vision Center (Spain), 
  • Pau Torras: Computer Vision Center (Spain) 
  • Carles Badal: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)
  • Beata Megyesi: Stockholm University (Sweden)
  • Michelle Waldispühl: University of Oslo (Norway) 
  • Nils Kopal: Universität Siegen (Germany)
  • George Lasry: External Researcher (Israel)

Challenge News

Important Dates

10 January 2024: Competition Announced

20 January 2024: Training data released

18 February 2024: Test data released

10 May 2024: Submission of results (extended deadline)