Contact - ICDAR 2024 Competition on Historical Map Text Detection, Recognition, and Linking


Zekun Li University of Minnesota
Yijun Lin University of Minnesota
Yao-Yi Chiang University of Minnesota
Jerod Weinman Grinnell College
Joseph Chazalon EPITA
Solenn Tual LASTIG laboratory of the French National Mapping Agency
Julien Perret University of Gustave Eiffel, ENSG, IGN, LASTIG
Bertrand Duménieu Centre de Recherches Historiques, EHESS
Nathalie Abadie University of Gustave Eiffel, ENSG, IGN, LASTIG


If you have any questions or concerns please send a message to the organizers at

Follow us on X (previously Twitter): @ICDAR24_MapText 


We thank the David Rumsey Map Collection for providing map images for one of the competition datasets. 



Important Dates

2 January 2024: Competition Announced

1 February 2024: Training and validation data released

1 March 2024: Competition test data released

6 May 2024 [Extended] Final results submission deadline (AoE time zone)