method: GoMatching2024-01-24

Authors: HeHaibin, YeMaoyuan, ZhangJing, LiuJuhua, TaoDacheng

Affiliation: Wuhan University

Description: We extend off-the-shelf image text spotter DeepSolo to video text spotter via long-short term matching module.

method: h&h_lab2021-08-02

Authors: HUST_VLRGROUP(Dian Jin) & HUAWEI_CLOUD_EI(Jing Wang, Shenggao Zhu)

Affiliation: h&h_lab

Description: This method is a technical method specially designed for the competition. Specifically, we try to employ the textual transcription of the word in the video to distinguish different text objects in the video. The use of textual transcription of the word boosts the performance of video text tracking a lot but also requires the supervision of the recognition results of the text instances. It’s a rude but useful method. For task 4, we further apply the post-processing method to get a more accurate recognition result for each text object after the text trajectory being generated.

method: TransVTSpotter2021-08-25

Authors: weijia

Affiliation: Zhejiang University&Kuaishou(MMU)

Description: This is base on our paper `A Multilingual, Open World Video Text Dataset and End-to-end Video Text Spotter with Transformer'

Ranking Table

Description Paper Source Code
DateMethodMOTAMOTPIDF1Mostly MatchedPartially MatchedMostly Lost
2015-04-02USTB_TexVideo II-212.29%71.78%21.93%924391385
2015-04-02USTB_TexVideo II-1-59.62%69.06%17.59%1293681419
2015-03-28RTST Lucas-Kanade-2 (RealTimeSceneText_LucasKanade_v2)-106.48%64.64%3.45%473081561

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