method: google vision api2017-07-24

Authors: morimoto

Description: google vision api(private)

method: OpenCV + Tesseract2017-09-01

Authors: RRC DOST organizers

Description: Code here

Only modification is the minArea and maxArea parameters of the ERFilter detector (in line 92) in order to detect very small text as follows:

Ptr er_filter1 = createERFilterNM1(loadClassifierNM1("trained_classifierNM1.xml"),8,0.000015f,0.00013f,0.2f,true,0.1f);

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Description Paper Source Code
2017-07-24google vision api2.35%10.05%3.81%
2017-09-01OpenCV + Tesseract0.25%1.29%0.42%

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