method: 4Paradigm-Data-Intelligence2019-06-03

Authors: Feng Cheng, Lixin Gu, Qingjie Liu, Feng Han, Jingtao Han

Description: The detection model and recognition model are trained separately.
Detection model: Based on Mask-RCNN. multi-scale. Train-set: 2017 MLT task1 train-set.
Recognition model: Based on Transformer with backbone ResNet50. A voting process is done to identify the language of recognized transcript. Train-set: 2017 MLT task2 train-set & 2019 MLT task2 train-set & 2019 MLT Synthetic dataset.

method: CLOVA-AI2019-06-04

Authors: Bado Lee, Youngmin Baek, Hwalsuk Lee

Description: Additional head on Character-level text detection with model distillation. A pretrained detector is used.

CLOVA-AI team, Naver Corp.

method: Ashwaq2019-05-10

Authors: Ashwaq

Description: FCN

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