F.A.Q. - ICDAR2017 Competition on Multi-lingual scene text detection and script identification

Q: How to register in this RRC-MLT challenge for ICDAR 2017 RRC competition ?

A: To register in this MLT-challenge of the RRC competition 2017, please:

  • Send an email to rrc@cvc.uab.es or robustreadingcompetition@gmail.com with the title "Participation in the RRC-MLT challenge"
  • Register to the RRC portal as a user (like previous RRC editions), this will allow you to access the "downloads"

This does not oblige you to participate or submit results, it is an expression of interest.


Important Dates

1 Feb to 31 Mar

  • Manifestation of interest by participants opens
  • Asking/Answering questions about the details of the competition Initial website available

1 Mar

  • Competition formal announcement

31 Mar

  • Website fully ready
  • Registration of participants continues
  • Evaluation protocol, file formats etc. available

1 Apr to 31 May

  • Train set available - training period - MLT challenge in progress -Participants evaluate their methods on the training/validation sets - Prepare for submission
  • Registration is still open

1 Jun

  • Registration closes for this MLT challenge for ICDAR-2017

1 Jun to 1 Jul

  • Test set available

1 Jul

  • Deadline for submission of results by participants

1 Nov

  • The public release of the full dataset