method: TencentAILab.v22018-03-03

Authors: Jingchao Zhou, Tianlin Gao, Zhifeng Li

Description: Adopt a Faster-RCNN architecture with rotation-rpn to detect both axis aligned and inclined text lines, then post-process the detect candidates carefully with tranditional OCR technology.

method: TencentAILab.v12018-01-19

Authors: Wei Zhang, Xinyu Li, Wu Liu, Pengrui Duan, Zhineng Chen, Xiaochun Cao, Zhifeng Li

Description: This run is based on Faster-RCNN, with rotational region proposals. By IIE of CAS, BUPT and TencentAILab.

method: Tencent-OCR+(v2)2017-06-20

Authors: Yi Li, Weichen Zhang, Hui Song, Chunchao Guo, Ming Liu, Hongfa Wang, Lei Xiao

Description: Data Platform Department, Tencent. Our method is based on Faster-RCNN architecture. In the Faster-RCNN, we adapt a rotation-rpn which is helpful to detect inclined text region.

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