Do NOT use emails to register or contact us

QQ.COM rejects all emails sent by the RRC mail account. This means that if you register using a QQ.COM address you will not be able to receive the account verification email, or any password reminder and consequently you will not be able to validate your account. Moreover, if you contact us about this issue, you will not be able to receive our response either, since it will also be blocked by your server.

Please use any other, well behaving mail provider, except QQ.COM to register to the RRC portal. Using your proper, institutional email would be a great idea! Similarly, if you need to contact us for any reason, do it using a different email address otherwise we will not be able to get back to you.


Technical details: QQ.COM rejects all emails sent from our email servers with an error of "550 IP frequency limited". This is a condition that arises automatically when an unknown preset number of emails is received from the same mail server (based on IP) per some undisclosed period of time.

This is a generic and continuous problem with QQ.COM, and numerous mail server providers are blocked in the same manner.