Each author can choose to participate in any challenges and any tasks of the ICDAR 2017 Robust Reading Competitions as desired. Registering on this Web site does not imply participation to any of the tasks, it is just meant to be a registration of interest and allows access to the downloads section.

The participation to the competitions will be managed in an open mode. This means that we expect participants to run their own algorithms and upload to this page the result files directly and not the algorithms themselves.

The training sets of images with corresponding ground truth data will be made available according to the calendars specified on each challenge page, in the formats specified in their respective Tasks description page. The participants can make use of the training sets freely to train and validate their algorithms.

The test sets of images (without ground truth) will be made available some weeks afterwards. The participants are expected to run their algorithms offline on the test set  and submit their results in the format specified in the Tasks description. The submission will be managed online in this Web site. The submission site will open on the day the test set becomes available and will close according to the schedule on the right.

Participants who submit results to any of the open challenges will be requested to send us a short description of the algorithm to include in the corresponding report that will be published with the ICDAR 2017 proceedings. The organisers reserve the right not to include a method in the final results, if such a description is not sent in time.

The results of the competitions (scores for each algorithm and ranking) will be announced during the ICDAR 2017 conference.