Robust ReadingCompetition

method: google vision api2017-07-24

Authors: morimoto

Description: google vision api

method: DictNet2017-09-02

Authors: RRC DOST organizers

Description: Synthetic Data and Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Scene Text Recognition
M Jaderberg, K Simonyan, A Vedaldi, A Zisserman
NIPS Deep Learning Workshop 2014

method: tesseract 4.00 (LSTM)2017-08-31

Authors: RRC DOST organizers

Description: We've just passed the images through the Tesseract OCR 4.00 with the new Neural Nets (LSTM) engine mode.

Ranking Table

Description Paper Source Code
DateMethodTotal Edit distance (case sensitive)Correctly Recognised Words (case sensitive)T.E.D. (case insensitive)C.R.W. (case insensitive)
2017-07-24google vision api396.9411.13%396.3611.13%
2017-08-31tesseract 4.00 (LSTM)465.157.22%459.107.42%

Ranking Graphic

Ranking Graphic